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Powerlessness; making someone powerless, putting someone in a position where he or she can no longer do anything, depriving the other person of power. The love or arousal of enclosed, tight places. Claustrophilia, wanting to be reminded of the body through spatial constraints.

A part that is asked quite often. And something that I like to use quite regularly, in a varying form, during a session.

Powerlessness is possible in any type of session. Being powerless is something that appeals to the imagination of many submissives. (being at the mercy of the Mistress's whims).
Being powerless can take different forms.
*Being rendered completely powerless by, for example, being pinned down or locked up.
*Being partly powerless, so that it becomes more difficult, for example, to carry out an assignment.
*A relatively small part within a session.
*Something that takes an entire session, because the kick is really just being/being made powerless.

During such a session I can make you powerless in various ways.
But I can also do it in one specific way, where I slowly expand or build it up (think, for example, with rope, which I continue to expand).

With the help of all kinds of different resources.
Rope - leather belts - foil - tape - gags - blindfolds - hoods - leather mittens - bondage bench - cage - nets - deprivation equipment and so many other attributes.
Of course I can also use my own body to make you powerless.

Powerless; For me, that one word actually means a lot.
And it gives my imagination plenty of room to play with my thoughts.
When I make you powerless, I am very consciously working to strip you of all power and freedom step by step. This gives me an incredible feeling of Power. I am well aware that in deciding each step I have control over how far I take you along. And this ultimately leaves you at my mercy in a helpless state.
At the same time, I realize very well that you have incredible confidence in me. Surrender yourself to me and know that I will never abuse you or cross your boundaries. And you know that I will take good care of you and ensure that you are safe in that powerless situation.

In addition, something completely different happens at the same moment, namely: I also give you the “power” and space. Because;

You don't have to do anything at all, you can withdraw completely into yourself. You don't have to make any decisions or arrange things at all.
Your head gets the chance to clear.
The body only has to undergo or not. Of course, I don't necessarily have to do anything with someone in a powerless position. I can also just leave you to your “fate” for a while.
This all depends on fantasy, boundaries, possibilities (medical), what was said in the preliminary conversation. When I do or don't do something.
But whatever I decide for you, I'll keep an eye on you.
Whether you will consciously notice this or not know it at all, that I am looking at you, walking right past you or just checking your breathing is something to find out. You are the one who will have to find out for yourself, I cannot give you an answer.
What can that Powerless situation bring you?
Have you ever been in such a situation before, because you chose to do so, you probably have some idea.
If it will be your first time going into such an experience, it is what you will have to figure out from the starting point.
What I can guarantee you is that it may be very different than you had imagined.

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline