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 +++ 08/03/2021: Welcome on the new look and feel of my website. With more pages in English, easier to find things you need to know and hopefully more interesting things for you to explore. To you who has been here before, enjoy. For you who visits the first time here, enjoy this new world you stept into. - Yet again the lockdown prolonged till the 20th of April. - The lockdown, due to the Covid-19 is prolonged again till at least the 31th of March - 02/02/2021: The lockdown, due to the Covid-19 is prolonged till at least the 2th of March - 15/01/2021: You can not send me any gifts by bankaccount. It will be seen as an incom paycheck. The best way you can do something for me, is keep yourself healthy, not forgetting me. And schedule your session as soon as you'll be able to, after our lockdown. - 01/01/2021: How far away you are, I wish you a happy and healthy 2021. -  - +++

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December 2020

From now on, it is compulsary to wear a nose-mouth mask behind my front door.

March 2021

The lockdown is prolonged again this evening till the 20th of April. I'm so sorry.


** I wish you a fun and exciting journey through my website, finding recognisable things and new things. If you mouse over a subject you can find out if and what is hidden under there. Join me in a journey, trustworthy as ever, exploring a new world that is here to stay. **


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* Sessions are by appointment only.
* The studio is not recognizable as such from the street, so you can enter anonymously.
* I do not have regular opening hours, you can suggest what fits you best.
* Reservations can be made by phone between 12.00 and 22.00. No anonymous calls.
* Text messages are not read or answered. I will not call you back.
* There is time for an intake talk and an after talk.
* A spacious bathroom with shower is available.
* Sessions start from 30 minutes.
*You can book a first appointment by reservation. As soon as the right amount is prepaid in my bank account your appoinment is confirmed. There is a no return policy. In case of a scheduling problem the amount is held towards a future appointment.


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