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computers 4932   A Personal Chatconversation with me,

• I'm posibly online only somewere between the hours 12.00-22.00 europian time (the same in witch you can get in contact by phone). Sometimes it can take a little while before I respond.


images handen   I feel it is important you can reach out inbetween sessions.

And I want to help guide you into your first appointment. 


• If you just want to come by for some questions, 
• Or to get acquainted on a more personal level, 
• you have booked a session and want to tell me how great it is to have the mental tension rises, 
• A couple off day's after your session you want to let me know how good you still feel and what the session gave you,
• Or want to know whether your fantasy is possible.
• To scedule your apointment (only possible if you 've been in the studio).


Laptop4434434303  Important to know when you don't know me (yet): 

• Be aware that I don't do S&M sessions by chat. So there's no reason to ask (nor directly or by an indirect way). 
• During our conversation I expect normal manners, so do not start with phrases like: "how do I address you?" or "May i address you Goddes?".
• Also things like hey, hi (in short, talk like we are in high school), I do not like this and then our conversation will be very short. 
you want to be taken seriously?, that works both ways.


So how dos it work to find out if you can chat with me;

On the right of this page, you'll see chat, click on that word and it opens. When you read "Email me for a quick response", it means just that. I'm not on my chat at that moment in time.

If you do see "I am online, be welcome to chat with me", you can and hopefully you do come in.


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