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 i139036860 22255Please read this before booking an appointment with me. Should you have any questions please call or e-mail me

2762I am Mistress Jacqueline, a lady, born in April 1968. My star sign is Taurus with Leo in the ascendant. I’m 60 kilos(130 pounds). Height 5'9 and have a shoe size 40, (USA 9) High Heels.

I like to change my hair colour between red and blonde. I have beautiful long fingernails and my eyes will tell you everything.

I am also a woman with many faces. People say "You are an open person, but everytime I think I understand You, You manage to surprise me again". That is right ...
I prefer to be unpredictable. I think I would get bored otherwise. I like to surprise and to amaze you during our sessions. There is a sadist streak in Me that I like to employ every now and then. I am also a Domme who cherishes rituals that I expect from my submissive. Not those that I tell you to perform, but those that you give Me every time we meet.

By the way, I am ambidextrous. You may experience that in your advantage, or not.

I’m a non smoking Classic lifestyle Dominatrix who thinks about BD & S&M 24 hours a day. For instance by going to S&M parties and conventions, while chatting on my computer, maintaining my website's or writing stories about my Passion.

And of course also during my own private Professional BD & S&M sessions.
I use my whole personality during a session which can be soft S&M of attraction and rejection or I can be a mean Dominatrix giving you a hard time. My extreme Tickling sessions are famous.

And be sure, I'm not a kinky mistress but a S&M Domina.


DSCF2788 Op engelse pagina vanaf 06122014History:

I first came into contact with S&M when I was about 20. From then on I talked about it and practised it as a hobby.
In 2002 I had the opportunity doing it Professionally (I was asked by the owner) at the DOMA studio.
After that I moved on to another studio, (Studio Esmé), where I worked two to three days a week for a couple of years.

In 2005 I set up my own studio which I still have and have worked in ever since. The colour of the studio was decided when I got my first piece of studio furniture, a chair in blue leather. I went on from there and made what today is a beautiful space to feel comfortable in during the session.

© Domina, Mrs Jacqueline