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Experiences you may find in My sessions:

Either a specific one or a combination of the disciplines mentioned below.
What can a session exist of? That depends on your curiosity, My fantasy, your experience, My willingness to give, your medical condition and your hard limits. I will never cross your hard limits.


Corperal Punishment;DSCF0218 WW 1 2021

Nipple Torment.


Helplessness, Bondage, Lock-up and Breathcontrol:Takelen Suspension MG 6405 kopie

BodyBag (leather).
Bondages  (clingfilm it has a film from a session with it), leather belts, pvc sheet, net of rope, tape, leather or furry mittens, silk/satin scarves.
Sensory deprivation.
Cage. & helplessness (Claustrophilia).
Hoist Suspension.



Other sensations and experiences that may surprise your mind and your body:DSCF1451

Carving & Cellpopping.Two creative things to play with and set temp. marks.
Cupping & Vacuum.
Face slapping. (read all about it, by clicking on the word).
Golden Shower.
Candles (wax), & Matches & fireplay.
Fingernails, Scratching (amychophilia) & Tickling (knismolagnie).
Violet Wand & fireworks sparkles.
Water-session (watercaning, interication, breathplay parts, waterbondages, to name a few).


DSCF0382Mental games:

In many of my sessions mental play will be present, because it just evolves between us. Three forms (serving, humiliation en submissiveness) can not be booked as such, because that would create a theatre play.
Objectification however can be an individual session. Dare me to show you how many pieces of furniture I can turn you into.

In service to.
Mindplay. & Fear.


 MG 9290Fetishes:

If there is a special fetish you want to experience, let me know. Examples:

Feeling trapped in silk/satin scarves
Me dressing in a white blouse
Handling My high heels
Footfetish, you wanting to see and feel My feet (Tru here you can listen to my voice)
you want to be wrapped in plastic/clingfilm (clicking this link will direct you to a film from a session with it).
you want to be handled by My long natural fingernails (check out my album in Gallery)
you like to see Me dressed in denim, or want to wear it yourself during our session
you like to be touched with gloves
you like to see and feel Me in soft furry clothes or knitted garments

Of course there are many more fetishes. What is yours? I might just surprise you.


Roleplay settings:DSCF1017a

Boss Lady - Disciplinairian - Governess - Wife
Army Officer - Gym Teacher - Police Officer


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