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It was my dream to start my own workplace. In 2005 this really happened. I'll describe it for you.

The studio is a tastefully decorated room where the sessions take place. The main color is blue, that was caused by the first part of furniture I obtained. After many years my studio is of course fully furnished, it offers all (dis)comforts.



If you are curious, click the photo that will bring you to the album.


Amongst the things you will find:

an adjustable lounge chair in blue leather.
a bondage bed with wall board for tying you up in many ways.
bondage stool, forged iron chair.
bondage bed on wheels,
standing cage.
hoist with many accessoiries

spanking chair for OTK treatment, butt up stool to shine your behind


e5940d76 40a2 4921 b06c 23b4238f53e8 and much more, such as

whips and other impact tools,
clamps and weights,
bondage rope, tape, spreader bars
Leather belts, blindfolds, handcuffs, posture collars,
masks, mittens, bodybag, bondage belt, single glove, gags,
needles, cupping set, electro play, violet wand,
cell popping tools, carving material,
breathplay attributes,
candles and matches,
tickling tools. 

A school bag with teacher stuff and classroom attributes.



Of course there is a large bathroom where you can take a shower before a session, especially during the Covid-19 crisis (due to this you will start here before entering the studio itself, insteat of starting with the intake conversation first).

I also use this room for wet games.
Reception is in my studio. This gives you time to adjust. Our intake conversation is on level base.

The studio is situated in a street with normal house entries, nobody will recognize where you are going.

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