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Needles (Needleplay)
Setting needles or needle play as I call it.

 MG 9744 Website. Engelse deel. Needles page. Geplaatst 2023Of course I always observe the necessary hygiene. By this I mean that I use sterile needles, disinfect the body where I am going to put the needle and always wear nitrile gloves.
Before I started working as a Professional Mistress, I worked in the medical sector.

There are several reasons why it is exciting to use needles in a game;

It is nice to see the tension and yet also fear in the other person's face that arises as soon as I take out the needles.
It's really nice to push boundaries together with you when I actually set the needle.
The relief when the first needle is placed and you usually discover that it wasn't too bad.
Especially when you then dare to go for a second one.
With needles, just like with many things within SM, I can work constructively. Starting with very thin, fine needles and placing just one or two in a place on the body that is not very scary.
Continue building up from there by placing these needles in other places, slowly increasing the number or building up to longer/thicker needles.
In short, there are enough variations to be able to build up tension in your session and push the boundaries together with you.
For me personally, a game also means quite a lot and I will try to express that here;

Being very concentrated and at the same time having so much physical contact with you (of course I am very close and touching).
In the meantime, touch even more by, for example, caressing or teasing (giving a squeeze in a different place).
Gaining the trust of the person undergoing it.
Combining my knowledge in the medical field and also trying to get into the fantasy of the person undergoing the needle game.
When I have managed to help someone cross that border of fear, it gives me a feeling of "Yes, Great". Especially when someone leaves me satisfied and proud of themselves at the end of the session.
It could very well be a Mindplay, in any case I can also play with your Mind and trigger your fear, which makes it even more exciting.

*Speaking to you with guidance, which makes you dare to endure it with more peace.

Completing an entire session with needles and creating an art piece for which I use your body, test your patience and take you into the “flow” where we disappear together.

Needles can be placed anywhere.

*Different parts of your body give a different feeling of pain, more or less depending on how thick your skin is in that area, there are many nerves that come together there.
*Which needle do I use and where?
*How do I place the needle: maybe on the surface, a little deeper, bridging a large piece of skin or as small as possible.

In short, enough reasons to ask you: "Do you dare to undergo a Needleplay session with me?"

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline