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Face slapping; (slap a face with flat hand).

face1Face slapping is a discipline that I really enjoy doing for so many different reasons. Here too, of course, the interaction I have with the recipient, the reason for applying and what both get out of it as giver and receiver.

It is a Discipline that has a whole technique behind it and is much more than just lashing out and touching your cheek.

Practically explained: It is given on the cheek, close to very sensitive parts of the head (balance organ, the ear canal, among others, which can easily be damaged) and of course the jaw bones (which can break and luxate if you pull too hard). So it is definitely a technique that needs to be mastered well.

Mentally speaking, it is also not without risk. Face slapping is perhaps emotionally one of the most intense emotions that a person can feel and experience. This can have an impact in many areas, even if this cannot be estimated in advance. For example, because I am not aware of whether the receiving party could not have known this itself and could therefore tell me about it in advance. Think of things like (childhood) traumas. Even if the recipient has nothing negative from a previous period, it can still be much more intense than expected. A fantasy experience is very different from a real experience and they are two different worlds, not necessarily always meant to cross or come together.

Face slapping can be part of a session. Can be used separately, in itself, as part of a session, such as a Power and Humiliation setting. It can also be done within a role-playing game. Teacher sometimes lashes out at the student who doesn't listen, or the wife who lashes out "angrily" at her partner.

It can also be purely focused on faceslapping, because you want to experience this. In that case it can create a very romantic setting between two people. I, as a giver who takes up a challenge with you to touch your cheek, to slowly touch it with my hand in an alternation of caressing and hitting, at an alternating pace. We look deeply into each other's eyes. you who are so close to me, relaxed, waiting, ready to receive my hand. I, who want to give it to you, I who want to love and care for you in this way. In a safe, intimate environment, where nothing else can enter. Dealing with the emotions that come together, seeing together how long we can handle it. And so much more.

To be honest, I love that and I thoroughly enjoy it, for a lot of reasons.

It is very close, intimate, direct, a lot happens, it tells a lot, has a great deal of variety in contact and so much emotion, nurturing, caressing, intimacy.

In this form it has nothing to do with anger or punishment, but everything to do with love and "loving" to be able to give this and for the other to be able to receive it in this form. Nothing has more to do with trust and respect, giving and receiving than faceslapping.

Which also counts and for me gives that extra special something that always comes gradually over time and after such a struggle, the beautiful shiny red cheeks and a look that radiates, sometimes even through the tears and describes volumes afterwards. Of fighting spirit, having defied your endurance and perseverance to the real end of having accomplished it, of wanting to give yourself and ultimately having fought a wonderful battle. And to feel reborn.

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline