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Nipple torture

One of my biggest favorites are someone else's nipples.
Sitting on them and working on them gives me so much satisfaction that I am going to write a piece about my action/interaction with nipples.

Nipples come in many different shapes, so many different touching options you can do with the nipples. Of course, a nipple can also be decorated or already be decorated by a piercing. I personally find nipples incredibly erotic to look at and to touch.

In fact, not one session goes by in which I have not been involved with the other person's nipples to a greater or lesser extent. How I worked with those nipples and in what intensity depends of course on a lot of things. The only exception to this is when someone has explicitly indicated in a preliminary conversation that I am not allowed to do nipple work for a medical reason. Or in a few cases when the nipples are very sensitive in the negative sense of the word (which I don't use in punishment).

I will first give an idea of what I can do with nipples (and the area directly around the nipples).
Caressing - massaging - scratching - pinching - sucking - biting - cherishing - pampering - showing off - working with ice - giving little slaps with my nails - working with whips - clamping - bonding - working with needles - basting with candle wax - tormenting your nipples with my heels - pinching your nipples with my toes - and so much more.

When I touch your nipples, this is a very erotic experience for both of us.
I have the sub fixed in such a way that I can approach him/her from both the front and the back.
It is a very intense experience that we go through together.
Even if I am standing behind you, I can touch your nipples, get started with them and do different things. You may lean against my body for support, perhaps even rest your head on my shoulder while I slowly count down.

And oh, why I find it wonderful to be busy with the other person's nipples: reading fire and so much more in the other person's eyes, surrender, struggle, seeking support, attraction and rejection, power, eroticism, and so much more.

Have I now revealed everything about what you can experience during nipple torture; NO, because here too, “I am as good as you let me be” because of the chemistry that arises between you and me.
So do you just get a nipple treatment or do you get everything I described above, it depends on you.

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline