what can I say

1002 calling

Oh dear Mistress, what can I say? As I’m sure you noticed, I absolutely hated the session, didn’t enjoy one minute of it! Wouldn’t dream of coming back. No, not very convincing is it. If I did say that, I know you wouldn't believe a word of it. Somehow I still have your perfume around me; I keep catching wafts of that intoxicating smell. I’ll definitely not take another shower, so I can enjoy it this evening. Delicious.

But I fear putting pen to paper, as only words will drop out and I’m not too sure that words are enough; I know that my words will be totally inadequate to express the gratitude I feel for making it the experience what it was. I know your saying, and I’m not saying your wrong, but no other mistress I have sessioned with has managed to achieve what you did, and that’s the same me they were playing with. So I think the different factor is you. You are very special. I couldn’t believe it when you started pulling my nipples off. Every other time a mistress has done that it kills all “interest” and is something just to be endured. I don’t know if you noticed, but when you did it, it bought about a completely different response, and all I wanted you to do was tear them off if it gave you pleasure!

Every encounter is different, I know. But many tend to fall into a pool of rather similar experiences. I know I don’t play a lot, but I’ve been doing it for many years and have never had such a charged session. I know I can’t adequately describe it, but you were looking in my eyes. So you saw. Sessions can be very emotive, but the feeling of, I suppose it’s joy, the joy of just being there with you was unique for me.

I know I waffle on in e-mails, so I’ll just shut up. Thank you, thank you for just being you and sharing so generously. I can’t wait to come back and try playing again. No preferences, no preconceptions; please, please, lets just play how you feel like playing on the day.

I’ll take the memories of this back with me to warm the Beijing winter. Take care, and look after that special gift you have.

Your totally enthralled slave