*The best Trampling ever  WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT

Trampling gives me enormous pleasure. I have always liked both the image itself (of the woman above me) and that feeling of their weight, whenever I managed to persuade some lady to trample me. Unfortunately, I have never had the luck to be trampled by a real professional Domina having a lot of experience in it. That is, until I met Mrs. Jacqueline. 

It happened relativelly recently, so my recollections are still fresh. I hope that those of you who are into trampling will enjoy the story :-). It's 100% true.



I knew I was going to visit Amsterdam soon, so I've done a small research before the actual Journey. I was looking for all kinds of Mistresses and then I discovered Mrs. Jacqueline's web site. I've read on her website that amongst all other things she does, (probably also excellent “performance”) she is also into Trampling. I managed to understand some of the Dutch text (due to similarity with German language I also speak) and understood that she actually likes Trampling a lot (it's among her favorites). So I wrote an e-mail to her, just before I was to visit this fabulous city. I was honest so I wrote how I'm not sure when exactly would I manage seeing her, but I said I'll do my best to find some time in my occupied schedule to meet her for a half an hour session. In that letter I have also pretty much described everything I like. Not in too much details but I didn't missed the important parts, of course. I'll write some more about that later :-). However, she didn't respond to that e-mail, probably it was unclear to her whether my intention to visit her real or not, because I couldn't give her accurate time when will I manage to see her. And then one day, when I “escaped” from my roommates (they shouldn't know anything about my secret “activities”, it would be funny if they knew what I'm into), I gave her a call. I'm so lucky I did it! Believe me...


If you are reading this story, then you have probably seen some pictures of Mrs. Jacqueline, right?
Well, forget about what you saw on her website. She's looking like a 100 times prettier in the nature! I don't know what happened with her, what has caused it, maybe because she stopped smoking (we talked a lot after the session so that's how I know this) but let me tell you – she looked so “hot” that no picture you saw can show this! So, here is how it all begun... After the phonecall (she speaks excellent English) I came to see her in her small but beautifully equipped studio. I rang and Jacqueline opened. Instantly I liked those big eyes which were glancing at me. After “examining” me with her eyes, she showed me to her studio, offered me a drink and we started talking. She was both very nice and professional at the same time, and asked me about my experiences. After a while she briefly went to the other room and came back with printed e-mail I wrote to her earlier! Then she started studying it really carefully and started commenting it, telling me things like what can I expect from her, how will it feel like etc. At that moment I started feeling like I won a million dollars because I instantly knew she is going to do it right!

In mentioned e-mail I also told her that I have had some trampling experience before but also how my great wish was to be under feet of someone who isn't afraid of doing it.
I also wished that she was dressed in black stockings during the Seanse. Furtherly, I wanted to experience some high heels trampling, but not too much - because I didn't want to have any marks and wounds on my body. I wanted her to trample me mostly in stockings but she asked me would I like her to trample me with bare feet also. She also asked me what would I like her to wear – leather, latex or...? I told her to make her pick and that she can do whatever she wants to do to me – I already knew I'm in the right hands. She was very happy with my allowances, so she smiled at me and told me “So, you gave me a carte blanche, you will not regret it”. I said: “I hope you will enjoy trampling me” She looked at me, her big eyes turned cold and then she responded slowly, in a very serious voice “Oh, BELIEVE ME, I WILL ENJOY trampling you!”. The way she said this - my heart pumped like nuts and I felt a bit scared! So I went for a bath and she went to the other room to dress up for me. I was thinking about all the things she said... For example, she told me that she would like to test my abilities first - so that's why she would start slowly and a bit gentler at the beginning, and then she'll proceed doing it harder and harder (because I wanted to be trampled real hard) - if I prove to be able to take it. She told me I can expect pain in the muscles for a few days (it turned out she was very right, but what a sweet pain that was). By the way, one of the guys on her website said that she likes to take her time with you. He was right – when you book a half an hour of session, this really is a half an hour of session (or even more). All the talking is “for free”. If I see her next time, I will definitively show her some appreciation for this, in a form of a present or some other extra award:-).

OK, back to the story! So, I came back from the bath to the studio, I sat there and looked at the blue carpet which was waiting for me to lay on it... Above the carpet there were chains with handles which help her keeping her balance while trampling. I have seen them on the pictures, but now I had the chance to look at it “live”. I didn't know what will it all be like, I was very nervous. The music played quietly, I remember listening to “Muse”, “Enigma”, “Depeche Mode” and similar music. The music just couldn't be better for such an occasion :-). And then Mrs. Jacqueline came in, dressed to kill! Wow!!!! I thought I'm going to die just by looking at her! All my senses were screaming “Oh my God, this is IT!! If you could just imagine her entering the room, dressed in short, sexy leather skirt showing her BEAUTIFUL legs... She was dangerously looking, especially in those black high heel shoes, with straps (you can find them on her website) and since she is very tall (even without shoes) – you can imagine the effect she had on me, when she entered the room! I'm about 1,77 and around 71 kg but I felt a lot smaller than that, and insignificant in a certain way... She ordered me to take of my t-shirt (so I remained only in my underwear) and to lay on the floor.


I followed her order and did what she asked me to. I laid there on the floor and waited for her next move, while enjoying the wonderfully view I had. This beautiful, tall and sexy dressed Mistress was such a pleasure for my eyes. As she walked towards me, her heels made clear and loud "ticking" on the wooden floor and I enjoyed a lot more in those sounds then in the background music which gently played. Even though the music was good - like I said before. I was filled by Fear... Those heels looked very sharp... And they were sharp! But I didn't let my Fear to be seen, I just smiled at her. When she approached close enough, she looked at me with her big eyes, and finally put her foot on my chest. I told her previously I wanted to try some high heel trampling so she gave me just what I asked for... I was surprised how painful this is! She said "Now I will give you something you'll remember me for" and stepped on me with one heel firts close to and then on my crotch, while the other heel was placed on my right nipple. Even though the pain caused by the heel which rested near my dick (practically on my tie, where the flesh is very soft) was absolutely excruciating and you can also imagine how does it feel when you also have a nipple under sharp heel - God how I loved it!
I kept enduring it and somehow managed to keep my mouth shut. I was a bit worried what will my skin look like when this is done, I asked her previously not to give me visible bruises but now a quick thought run trough my head - this was an impossible request I made!
I'm convinced that not many Domina's could really do this with such a care Mrs. Jacqueline showed. It really takes a lot of experience for this “unscratch request”, believe me! So she rested in this position, making only slight, gentle moves with her heels, keeping her balance, pressing them a bit stronger against my body. After a while, just when I thought that I will not be able to take it anymore, she changed the position. Maybe she noticed my weakness and discomfort. Then she stepped on my stomach. Wow! The most of her weight was concentrated on her fingertips - she knew that it would be impossible to avoid scratches if she would concentrate on the heels. But when she settled comfortable enough, she started digging her heels in my stomach a bit - I loved it...I was so sorry for this request I made. I would just love her stepping harder on me in heels, this is a unique sensation - but I just couldn't afford to be scratched. I knew that it takes a lot more then few days for eventual wounds and scratches to heal and fully disappear. Unfortunately this gentler treatment couldn't be avoided, even though I really wanted her to be harder and to deliver more pain with those wonderful heels...

She ordered me to turn over and lay on my stomach so she could make few high heeled steps on my back. She knew exactly where to put those heels in order to give me great pain. Bellow sholders and near the spine... I have also felt her heel digging bellow my knee, in the soft skin area - that really hurted like Hell!


Pretty soon came the time for taking off her heels. But before this, she called to another girl which came behind me with a photo camera. Previously I asked her would it be possible that I take few pics home with me. Those made by my mobile phone would be just fine but she decided to please me and give me better pics :-). So this girl came from another room and started taking pictures. I never saw her and I don't know what did she looked like. Mrs. Jacqueline told me that I mustn't look behind me - so I didn't. Then I turned around again, laid on my back and she made several fantastic poses on me, with and without shoes and with and without stockings. For this I'll be grateful to her for the rest of my life! She Ordered me to take her shoes off (I heard one “shot” coming from behind me as I removed one of her shoes from her beautiful foot), than another shoe (second shot), then she told me to kiss her foot while standing on my dick with the other foot (another shot) and so on...

Finally came the time for real trampling! We both knew that she'll now have to be much less careful about where and how she steps on me. It was also a lot easier for her to keep her balance now, without heels and without her big efforts she made trying not to scratch me a lot. A great concentration is needed for this! Now I could see her feet without shoes. She has such a beautiful, long feet, absolutely fantastic legs... Her feet covered almost my entire stomach when she stood side wise on it! I knew she was still testing my abilities and wasn't as brutal as she could be but I could tell she was already enjoying it at least as much as I did, maybe even more! Then she started delivering more and more pain. She ordered me to make push-ups with her full weight, both feet placed on my stomach. "Ten pieces for a start", she ordered in a strong voice. It was quite hard using stomach muscles to lift her up, even though I'm a person which does push ups occasionally and I do sport two or three times a week. When I succeeded, she ordered me to make another series. I didn't knew whether this is because she wanted to warm up my stomach muscles, prepare them for harder trampling, or because she wanted to weaken them - but I didn't care! Pretty soon she started walking all over me and eventually I felt her foot on my head too. She pressed my face quite hard and then wiped the sweat from my forehead with it - I didn't even noticed the sweat breaking out, but obviously I was in Agony... A sweet Agony I must say!
I believe she had a well practiced plan or a procedure how to make all this harder for me, so she started to trample my chest harder. Belly too. She practically danced on me and ducked several times so we enjoyed making real close eye contact, also enjoying the scents of our warm and heated bodies... For the first time I noticed how hard trampling is for the Trampler too! I realized that it takes really a lot of energy for her to trample me the way she did and to balance above me. Luckily those chains above helped her a lot. She had handles attached to them and was really handy with it! I also noticed that my agony, followed by my constant smiles as well, gave her great pleasure. She knew I am enjoying it but she also looked like she is enjoying it a lot! She even "flashed" her underwear before my eyes several times quickly - lifted her leather skirt briefly several times... So I could enjoy looking at her panties bellow the skirt :-). She started giving my dick a proper attention too. It was wonderful feeling having her feet crushing it. She was now without stockings for a while and this skin to skin sensation was absolutely beautiful, no matter on what part on my body she was standing.

Let me get back to the "Jacqueline's procedure" - after quite a while she stepped again on my stomach and then looked at me as if to say, "Ha, what do you say?". She knew I liked the stomach trampling the most. I tried to tighten my stomach muscles but they were completely worn out and gave only a small amount of resistance. Then she said "It's useless trying to resist it" because she noticed my stomach muscles managed only to give few insignificant twitches, they were pretty far from being firm and tight as I wished... I moaned "It's much harder now, It hurts a lot more" but I kept the smile on my face because I also liked it a lot. She smiled and said "I know" as if she is enjoying this fact a lot! "After all, you got 64 kilo's on your body". So I relaxed and enjoyed having her feet sank into my belly. Usually the first part of the Trampling session is always harder because one's body has to adopt and get used to the treatment. The same was this time - even though the trampling now already lasted quite long and each step brought more pain to me, somehow it was easier for me to bear all the torture... It was also much more enjoyable compared to the begging of the session! So finally I gave in, didn't even try to make any resistance with any of my body muscles - just enjoyed in each new step she took. I have been trampled many times, but never had anybody's feet upon me constantly, 30 minutes long or even a bit more. Especially it's never been done to me by someone that skillful so now I can truly say that a few minutes of trampling is nothing - it has to be longer in order to feel right. Anybody can take some trampling but constant abuse really makes you realize your limits and brings true joy to people who are into it. She asked me how do I feel, I replied that I'm enjoying it a lot and that I hope she does too. She said "Oh, if you only knew how much I enjoyed looking at you bellow me, how great does it feels". Saying that, she looked like she really means it. Her voice trembled a bit, as a confirmation of what she said while at the same time she played with my dick, crushing it completely bellow her foot. She also switched balance a lot during this, so sometimes I could feel my dick gets flattened more while in another second her full weight got transferred to my aching stomach. Even though it felt like Eternity I knew the session was going to it's end. This was followed by her digging her fingertips into my stomach and another thing I enjoyed a lot - she would turn her back to me and this way she could both dig her soles into my stomach while having my dick bellow her toes. This was amazing! Several times she also touched my balls and my dick and played with it with her skilled hands... Soon she said "It's time that you come" so she stepped off and then came back with some device which was something like artificial vagina, she said that this is what she recommends and that I would love it. Then she placed it on my dick and stepped on me again. It felt great, I could feel it vibrating so pretty soon I came... She gave me a fantastic Smile, almost like she came too.

After that we sat a bit, had another drink and talked for a while. About various things... It was very pleasant talking to her she is a very intelligent Lady with excellent manors. She told me that she gave me pretty hard session and that not many men can handle this the way I did. Finally we both agreed that we'll have to meet again for another session. So in several minutes came a taxi she called for me and I went away... I was very happy...


What's left to say? I believe this is it :-). The two of us exchanged some e-mails by now - regarding the pics, the previous and the future session... I just can't wait... I'm soo looking forward having another business trip to Amsterdam - I know exactly where I'll go :-). Hopefully this will be soon. Until then I can only say - give it a try! Mrs. Jacqueline is absolutely fantastic and the only thing I don' like about her (I told her that too) is the fact she is pretty far away ;-). Such a TRUE DOMINA is VERY hard to find!

Jacqueline, I send you kisses :-)

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