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Please read this before booking an appointment with me. Should you have any questions please call or e mail me.

+++ 30/10/2020: My newest adphoto of issue 304 from the MassaD is now online, check my album from this year to see if you like him just as much as I do. - 19/07/2020: Finally, my first adphoto in the MassaD 302 is out now, the first after the lockdown. You can find it in my album (2020). Hope you'll enjoy. - 01/07/2020: Yes, the lockdown is over! I'm glad to let you know that you can schedule with me, starting August the 1th. And I will be so proud letting you have an exhithing session in a save studio and in my hands, as always. Curious what I will let you go tru? You do know how to get in contact to make it happen! - 16/03/2020: Due to the Covid -19 (Coronavirus), there is a shotdown for visiting my studio for sessions until the 6th of April. - 21/01/2020: The start off my 15th anniversary. - 28/05/2019: A New Poëm placed. Hope you'll enjoy. Scroll down, look for "Eyes freezing the moment", - 02/07: A new photoalbum by the name of "A Special kind of Magic" you will find in my Gallery. - New photo's of a TiklleTorture in the album by that same name. - 07/11/2017: New Poëm placed on this page. "Just by holding". - 01/01/2017: New Prices starting the first of 2017. - 29/04/16: A new Poëm. Lady Jacqueline (at the bottom of this page on the right side) - 18/10: New experience writing. Trying to Focus (with pictures). - 24/06: A new experience. Bondage in black and blue (poëm). +++


I first came into contact with S&M when I was about 20. From then on I talked about it and practised it as a hobby.
In 2002 I've got the change doing it Professionally (I was asked by the owner) at the DOMA studio.

After that I moved on to another studio, (Studio Esmé), where I worked two to three days a week for a couple of years.

In 2005 I set up my own studio which I still have and have worked in ever since. The colour of the studio was decided when I got my first piece of studio furniture, a chair in blue leather. I went on from there and made what today as a beautiful space to feel comfortable in during the session.

A milestone, the 10th anniversary of the Studio (2015).

Domina, Mrs Jacqueline


I only see you by prior appointment. Appointments can be made for Monday to Friday and also some weekend days. I can see you during the day or in the evening. It is best to contact me a few days in advance to schedule. I do not want to hold too many sessions in a day. If this is not possible you can still try but it might not be possible to arrange an appointment at short notice. 

My studio is located in the east side of Amsterdam (10 to 15 minutes from the centre by taxi). And the nearest train station is Muiderpoort from were it is about a 5 minutes walk (a direct train stop from the airport Schiphol).


 A session can only be booked by talking to me on the phone between 12.00 and 22.00 hours, at number: 06-48212039. If you hear my voicemail please try again later, I don't call you back. I don't text message.

Or you can also e mail me at: studiomrsj@mrs-jacqueline.nl
If you want more information and schedule an appointment in advance.

A session can be booked for half an hour ( €120,=), a full hour ( €180,=) or several hours. Booking a session is only possible by paying at least a deposit (bankaccount). Do you choose paying the whole session upfront, you have a smale discount (€5,=) and don't have to travel with a lot of cash.

Also possible are caging/Lock-up/confinement sessions during the night ,with (€595,=) or without (345,=) active session parts.
Check for more info .www.mrs-jacqueline.nl/Prijzen/prijzen.htm 
I do not accept creditcards and I do not have a PIN machine.

If you have been in the studio before then it is possible to make the appointment by chat, when you see me online (witch will be always somewere between the hours 12.00-22.00) at: http://www.mrs-jacqueline.nl/index.php?page=persoonlijk-contact,.
Offcourse if you just want to come by for some questions, or to get acquainted on a more personal level, or you have booked a session and want to tell me how great it is to have the mental tension rises, or want to know whether your fantasy is possible. It is also ok (klick on the mousemat).



You can also find me on Fetlife check there my profile StudioMrsJ. https://fetlife.com/users/1388075


CS I'm also on CollarSpace. My profile: http://www.collarspace.com/personals/o/1/v/230905/default.htm


Disciplines I do are:

* Bastinado.  
* Belting.  
* Bondage (rope, clingfilm, tape, leatherbelts, scarfs, chains).  
* Bodybag (leather). & * Mummification.
* Breathcontrol & * Face sitting.
* Bullwhips.  
* Caning.                & * Florentine caning (double).
* Candleplay.      & * Matches play.
* CBT.           & * Ballbusting.
* Confinement (solitary overnight)  & * Cage (short/longer periods).
* Faceslapping (Obedience Training).  
* Fingernail Teasing/scratching,  & * Tickling (real natural long nails).
* Flogging           & * Florentine flogging (double).
* Footfetish (adoration). & * Shoe/Boot-worshipping (size 9 USA).
* GS/Watersports (Niagra Waterfalls) & * Playing with Water.
* Hair Pulling.       & * Shaving.
* Humiliation.         & * Human Furniture, Chairs, Table, etc.
* Masochistic Training.  & * Algolagnie.
* Mindplay.       & * Tease and Denial.
* Needleplay.  
* Nipple Torture.  
* Roleplaying. (Judge, Teacher, Auntie, Grandma, Police, Gymteacher, etc.)  
* Spanking OTK (specialized in Handspanking).  
* Suspension.  
* Trampling (60 kilo's) & * Doormats and Carpets.
* Violet Wand (Electro Play).  
* Whipping.          


Fetishes I do:

* Clingfilm - Scarves (letting you feel it) - Satin/Lycra (me wearing it) - Footfetish - High Heels/Boot fetish - Knismolagnia - Looner - Fingernail scratches - Denim/Jeans - Leather (seeing it, feeling it) - PVC/Rainwear - Gloves (seeing me wearing them) - Face slapping (erotic-fetish) - Stokkings/Pantyhose.



I do NOT offer:

*Coprophilia (scat sex)
*Diapers / Plasticpants
*Incest play
*I do not undress
*Insert a catheter
*Intimate contact (sex in any way)
*Poppers (drugs)
*Rubber play
*Scarification (carving)
*Sessions with permanent marks
*Switch games
*Touching my private parts
*Webcam sessions

 And be sure, I'm not a kinky mistress but a S&M Domina.


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This is a Dutch BD S&M website and should not be viewed by persons who are underage (age limits will vary by country). You may read this site if you are an adult and wish to know more about BD S&M and sessions in my Professional studio



 I am Mistress Jacqueline, a lady, born in April 1968. My star sign is Taurus with Leo in the ascendant. I’m 60 kilos. height 5'9 and have a shoe size 40, (USA 9) High Heels. I like to change my hair colour between red and blonde. I have beautiful long fingernails and my eyes will tell you everything. I’m a non smoking lifestyle Dominatrix who is thinking about BD S&M 24 hours a day. For instance by going to S&M parties and conventions, while chatting on my computer, maintaining my website or writing stories about my Passion. And of course also during my own private commercial BD S&M sessions. 


I use my whole personality during a session which can be soft S&M of attraction and rejection or I can be a mean Dominatrix giving you a hard time. My extreme Tickling sessions are famous.   




 Award given from a Tickleforum for favorit person to give a Tickling.



Before the session I’ll take time to get to know you whilst enjoying a non alcoholic drink, and of course there will be time for a little chat after the session. There is a shower room and fresh towels for you to use before and after the session.

 Directly to the photo album of the studio space? click the photo.

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