Oh dear, sessioning again

I have to admit that I was nervous of sessioning a second time with Mistress Jacqueline. Not because anything untoward had happened on the first session, on the contrary. It was because I (we? he said hopefully) had such an intense and exhilerating time on that initial encounter that I was worried that the second time could not match it. Of course I need have had no such concerns. Expectations will always fall short of the magic that she weaves in session. It was blissful, thank you Mistress.

As I wasn’t a newbie I was allowed to book for more than an hour this time. But just one word of warning; don’t go to see Mistress Jacqueline if you are on a tight schedule. I’m sure she would let you go on time if you asked, but you would really regret asking her to do so, as you certainly are not going to want to leave her. And each time I have seen her we have played for longer than I had booked, although it seems to flash by for some reason!

Mistress and I share a nasty little passion for breathplay; or perhaps I should say we share complementary passions. She loves smothering her slave and I love being in the hands of a mistress who enjoys having total control over my ability to breath. For those slaves who like this play, well you know what it is like; if you are lucky you will find a mistress who is willing to play this game, but for many it is a going through the motions. Have no fear of that with Mistress Jacqueline. You will not fail to notice the intensity and the passion that she injects into the play. Your flesh may be screaming for release, but your mind will know better; and no matter what she does to you, you know the only bad thing that can happen to you is that she will release you. And eventually she will let you have a little breath of air again, at least for a while. I’m just glad (I think) that she has more self-control and common sense than I do. When under her control, sense and reason take second place to sensation.

But don’t get the idea that your session will be only what you have indicated you like. Mistress has a wicked imagination, not to mention a host of nasty little toys to ensure you kept aware that, with her, suffering and pleasure go hand in hand. But do not worry. Even if you are not into pain very much, and I am not, there is something very strange about suffering for Mistress Jacqueline. But suffering is not the right word. And this is one of the enigmas of her sessions that I have not understood yet. Pain is not punishment with her; pain is an exquisite heightening of the sensual interaction that is going on between the two. (I have a confession … I had this dreadful desire to kiss her while she tormented my flesh, and I’ve been doing this long enough to know that slaves aren’t supposed to behave like that.) Sensual, passionate and completely overwhelming. Bliss.

If you have not visited her, then do so (here is a hint, her telephone style and even the pre-session interview are in a style that is 180 degrees different from the Mistress in session; at least in English. Don’t be worried). Confess your dreams and desires and then (and here is the best hint I will give), just say no more and put yourself into her hands. You will find things out about yourself that you had never guessed before. If you have visited the Mistress before, then you have no need to read this, you know what I am talking about.

Mistress, thank you so much for the chance to say a few words on your website. I’m sorry that I cannot capture in words that wonderful sensation of total contentment when under your control. And next time, definitely no pre-reading, I promise!

Your slave as always,