As you desire,

a gift to you out of appreciation of our time together.

I am sitting in expectation with Mrs Jacqueline, not knowing how our session will begin. She wraps a wide leather collar around my throat, attaching a chain leash and pulling my neck upwards by my neck. The tension forces my head backwards. My eyes follow her in nervous excitement as she slowly unbuttons my shirt. My wrists are bound in leather cuffs, and in short order they are attached to a bar hanging from a winch on the ceiling. I test the secureness of the binds, and it is clear that I have no chance of escaping. She informs me that every bit of me is now hers, and the reality of my capture begins to sink in. She operates the winch and hoists me up onto my toes, leaving me hanging from my arms from the bar above my head. I had the sensation that she understands what I crave, using her nails lightly against my sensitive skin, then digging them into me with little regard for my comfort. She moves behind me and it becomes uncomfortably quiet. What could she be up to? While I am contemplating what she might do to me, I find a ball gag being forced into my mouth and tightened around the back of my neck. I am no longer able to speak or to protest. I mumble something through my gag, but whether or not she understands what I am trying to say, she gives no consideration and continues to do as she desires. She produces a medical instrument, and at first I thought it to be a surgical clamp. Knowing how painful that can be, I start to become unsure if I really want to experience such pain, but there is little I can do to prevent this, and I wanted to please her with my devotion to her dominance. I then realize it is not a clamp, but a pair of scissors. I had thought that if she wanted to get me naked, she would have to free me from my bondage, but I was wrong. She takes hold of my undershirt, I think to myself, no, she's not really going to destroy my clothing. But she does, making a cut in the garment, then ripping it off my body! It was so hot! On the one hand I am becoming concerned about what other clothing she might turn to tatters, but on the other her audacity to do such a thing without even asking brought me into a heightened state of arousal.

She binds me in another position on my back, still with my undershorts on, and I am already fearing that I won't be leaving her studio with them in one piece either. I am unable to move, except my eyes that follow her as she gives me an evil smile, slowly putting on a pair of leather gloves. Upon closer inspection, I notice the gloves are as evil as her smile, with little sharp metal tacks embedded in them! Mrs Jacqueline knows how to build up the anticipation of the inevitable. She gently caresses my skin with the smooth backside of the gloves, and just at the moment when I am enjoying their softness and the light prickling of the metal points, I feel the sharp pain of the glove digging into my skin. She quickly learns that my instinct is to cry out when she is torturing me, and she uses this a tool for her dominance. She advises me to cry out, or I will experience something even more severe. With all my concentration, my eyes focused on her face, I hold back my cries as the intensity increases despite my compliance, hot wax poured over my chest, my back, and my genitals, writhing in pain as I do my best to suppress my need to cry out. By this time my undershorts have also been ruined too, and there was nothing for me to say about it in my rope gag. She finally blindfolds me, something I had express a wish for in our conversation before the session. But through this encounter I have learned that I prefer to see her, to watch the expression on her face as she exploits not only my body, but my whole person. My poor nipples had already been tortured, yet she continues to use them as an object of her sweet sadistic pleasure.

After passing though the peak of her intensity, she brings me down, slowly and deliberately freeing me from her blue ropes. As my hand is freed, she allows me to gently stroke her through her dress and on her bare legs. My body is covered with wax, and I can feel its stiffness against my skin as I breath deeply. After freshening up and dressing myself, clearly without my under garments, I express my gratitude to her. As a final reminder, she pinches my nipples a final time, first one, then the other, this time very hard, and my head falls against her shoulder, holding her to steady myself against the pain. I am now certain I will be caring a reminder of her for the coming few days. We kiss farewell, and I am already longing for my next meeting with her.

shameless Yours,