A (several) nice experience(s)


I met Jacqueline surfing in Internet. Her web site was rather different from the others, and I was "catched" from the intense, deep emotions she was able to express. For sure not a commercial site but rather a "life&stories" teller.

I do not live in the Netherlands but my job leads me there sometimes, and I took the decision to try to contact her by phone. First call was successful, I am lucky she speaks very good english, and we agree to meet for a first session. It was a Wednesday and we agreed at 7 p.m.
While I was in the taxi and traveling to her, I was thinking to my previuos experiences in SM. I had a quite nice long experience with my first wife, we were both switch and we enjoyed to play light and safe, but when our relationship broke, I felt I was missing something in that area. I like sometime to be a sub, (sometimes also a dom), I like to give the control for sometime to somebody else. My first attempt with a professional domina was more or less a disaster, she was rather rude even though I explained her "I like it soft", and I felt myself I had been treated as an object. The experience was really painfull and there was no pleasure at all, at least from my side. For this reasons during my taxi trip I felt nervous even though also excited to the new attempt.

But fortunately first direct impression confirmed the feeling I had visiting the web site. A very nice young lady and a friendly person, but with a peculiar intense light in her eyes, very professional but warm and helpful in the preliminary chat. I was invited to relax, a drink was also offered, to express my wishes, she went deep with her question to better understand, she asked me about my previuos experiences and, after quite a long while, we agreed to move into the "real" session.
After the shower I walked into the room and later on she joined me. She was dressed in a very nice black outfit, her face had turned into a more severe and professional one, but despite of that I still felt confortable at all.
Our game started, in a soft and easy way, but gradually turned into a real play where she explored my limits, I enjoyed her professionality, and also a little bit of pain, pain that was functional to progress in the session, and when limits were reached we both understood we had to quit.
Nice experience, not forcing at all, nothing to do with the previuos one I had. And after the shower we talked eachother again and again, to comment the experience we had together, and we agreed it would have been nice to meet another time.

Since then we met several times. We progressed always in our mutual understanding, and my limits were shifted further and further, with a lot of pleasure from my side. I was always very detailed in expressing my wishes, and she was very professional in understanding and acting on those.

In the last two sessions I changed my attitudes, after she made me aware, in a polite and nice way, she wanted to feel more "free" to experiment.

Of course I realised this was more a request of "full trust in her" rather than a real request of freedom to move. In reality I like very much to give preliminary advices, be aware of the "scene of the game", I look very curiously around me, trying to anticipate her move. Visualising the game I tought I could be more relaxed.

I accepted her request and this was really nice, something turned my way of perceive and appreciate the game! She bounded and blindfolded me, I felt lost at the beginning, and she started to experiment with me light and interesting variations. Sometimes games became more though, but never out of the boundaries we agreed, but my feelings improved and I was able to enjoy our session more and more deeply.
I realised the trust I gave to her had a huge payback in terms of her involvement and commitment, and my total loose of control allowed me to be more receptive. Always something to learn....
Our sessions are rather different from those described in the other stories published on the "experiences" page of the site. We play much more softly, but she conforted me telling "this is also SM, SM does not mean necessarily pain but it has a lot of flavours, and a good master should deeply understand what are the real needs and wishes of the sub".

I have to admit she catched my soul. She was perfectly able to look inside me, so capable to make me confortable also in the most intense moments of the play, in few words.... unique...

Now I am looking at the calendar, counting the days to the next time we can meet, dreaming to her fantasy working for me and on me.
One lesson I have for sure learnt; I won't tell her what I want... I will tell her " .... please do ...I trust you"..........."

Your Marco