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Nails (Fingernails, Scratching, Tickling),

Many people have no idea what you can do with nails. In addition, few people have an idea what can happen to your body and what it feels like to be worked on with nails.

My nails;

My nails are beautiful.
My nails are real.
My nails are usually long.
My nails are sometimes accidentally short so that they can be long again as quickly as possible.
My nails have never actually been painted.
My nails can be painted very occasionally for a very special occasion, a request, or an unexpected twist in my head that makes me feel like doing it for once.
My nails are my most important attribute besides my hands.
My nails are alive.
My nails give life.
My nails are all about feeling.
My nails give feeling.
My nails are sweet, sharp, painful, soft, challenging, caressing, nurturing, alluring, attractive, beautiful, visible, invisible, threatening, inviting, stimulating, addictive, confusing, tickling.

My nails command respect.

I will try to name what I can do with my nails.

Crabs with long strokes.
Scratching with short strokes.
Running 1 nail over someone while I use it in width.
Running 1 nail over someone's body when I hold it lengthwise, this makes the feeling the nail gives sharper.
Scratches with my nails.
Pinch with 1 nail or with several at the same time.
Tapping my nail.
Handing out little slaps.
Everything I mentioned above is possible at any part of your body if I want to tease, reward or torment it. It is also very nice for me to do something like this just after everything has already happened in a certain place, making it even more sensitive/intense. Or at the moment when your body (part) is bound and therefore under tension, because then you will experience it much more intensely.
Of course it can also be experienced as very erotic and intimate, because I am constantly very close to and frequently touching the body.

Nails can also have everything to do with your fantasy or a fetish.

If you are someone with a nail fetish, you hope to have as much to do with my nails as possible. This can be done in different ways, for example having them in the mouth and then caressing the nail with the tongue, massaging/caring for my hands, caressing them, etc.
Someone with a penchant for tickling (Knismolagnia), well, then of course you have a thing for being tickled.
Or for you, (my) nails have everything to do with being scratched in all kinds of ways on all parts of your body.
If my long nails (their length) are important to you, please let me know. I will always tell you whether they are long or shorter, and possibly which nails have a specific length. Or at what time I think I will have them a little longer again. What always applies is that really long nails can only be planned at the last minute and very short notice (logically because real nails are sensitive to breakage)

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline