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Hair pulling;

I also find this really "divinely" wonderful to do.

So much that I would be disappointed if you don't have hair long enough to grab, no matter how short. Sometimes I hope that you only make the appointment with your hairdresser after you have visited me instead of the other way around. And in my enthusiasm I have sometimes thought that out loud over the years. If that was the case with you, you will undoubtedly now be sitting at your computer with a smile on your face.

Pulling hair is erotic, cool, a power tool that I can enjoy.

It gives me the opportunity to create a surprise effect for you.

It creates distance where I want and brings you closer when I want it. It provides an intimate moment on its own, but much more so when I whisper something to you at the same time.

In addition, it can be a punishment / discipline tool and give me your undivided attention.
Is it a short tug where I grab your hair and force your head in one direction as a means of attention or surprise?

Or do I grab your hair tightly to make you (also) suffer something else in a forced position?

Challenge me and you might find out "one day".

© Domina, Mrs Jacqueline