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A conscious decision was made to write a separate piece about this specific type of whip. While in principle it can also be a very nice utensil during a “normal” session with hitting materials. With a wide range of species.

Dressing up an entire session with this type of hitting material can also be done very well. That is why I have also listed this as an extra solo session option on my amounts page.
Yet there are so many differences for me that I am devoting my own writing to it here.
A very short introduction to start this part of my explanation, for you, who may not know what the name of a thing should be.
A strip whip, also known as a flogger, is a striking instrument that always has multiple strands. The strands themselves can be a multiple of 10. Even if the flogger has less than 10, but in any case more than two strands, it falls under the same denominator. The strands themselves can be of a shorter length or longer. And consist of all kinds of materials such as rubber, suede, stiff leather, rope, to name a few.

floggingAn additional name may be given for a specific number of strands, such as the Cat O Nine, for example (a whip that always has 9 strands). You may have come across these in stories from ancient times. Then an extra may have been added to the strands (something like a knot in the end of each strand, among other things). Or the strands themselves have nothing special, but the handle where they come out of is a long stick, for example. Here is an example photo of my Russian Cat O Six
Floggers can also emit a sound when they land. Especially when it is heavy in weight and produces a dull thump when it lands on the skin, often, among Spanking fans, a reason why a strip whip may be an option.

With flogging you can warm up the skin nicely. A nice flogging can work like a massage and wake up the skin, so to speak. At the same time, it gets your circulation going, not in a bad way. Precisely in a way where your body will gradually react even more and in special ways and also make you feel sensations.
Make no mistake, even after the session itself, you will experience that you are still “actively” reminded of your feelings, even then warm spots can still be clearly felt. You may still feel a tingling sensation in the affected areas, but your muscles will still feel very different in the treated areas.
And you will be “different” yourself, so I cannot tell you what that is different. That depends on you personally, how our session unfolded, how you entered my office, the duration of the Flogging and the type of Floggers I used, to name a few things.
For some it will be a reaction of feeling very tired.
For someone else, it will be an emotion that comes to you and may even make you want to cry and you cannot "stop" without understanding why you are actually crying.
Yet someone else will feel reborn and extremely relaxed with an active outcome.
But it brings about sensations and more.
In any case, please know that all this and more are precisely my reasons for wanting to post my own writing here about these types of hitting materials.

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline