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Cupping, Vacuum,

cup2An originally Chinese medicine that dates back to writings of 28 AD.

This discipline is used within SM. As a part in a “normal” session, a Mindplay or as a pain stimulus. Or as a complete standalone (entire) session.

So, for me it is of course a logical Discipline to give it its own look. With me you do not undergo it as a form of therapy (as Shiatsu is). Working with cups/vacuum suction of your skin remains something I do within my field, so I only use it for those purposes.

Below I will give you some explanation that is useful or fun to know and might even make you curious about it.

How it will actually happen in a session and on which parts of your body is of course something you will only find out then.

Cupping is the vacuuming of the skin to a greater or lesser extent, which could have different purposes.

There are different forms of Cupping, which also makes it fun to vary. It is absolutely not monotonous. In addition to standard vacuuming of your skin, Fire Cupping and Blood Cupping are also options that I practice and with which I can increase your tension level.

I use glass cups. In addition, cups with a screw system and pump system which can be completely cleaned.

** Important: A must for me to know about you,

Are you taking blood thinning medication?
Do you have a Vitamin K deficiency?
Are you familiar with Thrombosis?
Are you a Hemophilia patient,
then unfortunately you will not be able to experience this with me, because these conditions can not be combined with Cupping.

Furthermore, it is important/useful to know that Cupping will always leave marks, these can vary from circular spots/bruises in a more or less severe form, fluid blisters and occasionally these can develop into blisters. You can never avoid pink skin where cups have been used, you are the first to know whether they last for a short time or are visible for a few days before they disappear again. So if marks are something that is absolutely impossible for you, then you have the information to make a well-considered decision for yourself.

At the same time, this fact can also make you want to experience it. For the simple reason that this discipline is not only done in my SM studio but also in practices outside SM.

And finally, perhaps something to consider in your decision;

cup1Cupping can cause reactions in your body on the day itself up to a few days afterwards (in the most extreme case). Of course, I cannot say in advance how much and what exactly that will be, because your body is your body and it has to do with where I Cup. Things to think about; being a bit tired, having to urinate/defecate more than is usual for you, among other things. This has everything to do with the cups. Although I use them within SM, the effect can give the same reactions as when done with a Shiatsu treatment.

Now that I've covered the seriously important stuff I'll take you to the fun-to-read part.

What do I like about it and why did I want to learn it (certificate) so that I could introduce you to it in my studio?

With a medical background, my curiosity/eagerness to learn and the fact that I always want to be able to play with this in an innovative and surprising way in a fun way, this of course could not be left out for me.

When interrogating the prisoner, the Jailer can use it as a form of “torture method and mindfuck.”

Of course it's always fun to use Mindplay.

In any case, I wanted to give you some information here about a new extra Discipline, for you to discover whether your curiosity has been triggered.

And who knows, maybe one day I'll decide to introduce you to it unexpectedly.

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline