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Confinement, the word actually says it all.

opsluitBeing locked up, being left to your fate and not knowing how long it will take before the Dominant comes back to free you.

Claustrophilia, A Fetish for Small Spaces, Being Locked in Restriction! In English there is a word and explanation for this that probably explains it best and with which it can absolutely be classified as a Fetish, namely;
claustrophilia, The love or arousal of enclosed, tight places.

For many people this is a kick, a fantasy, a form of surrender, of letting go, a tension. Detention can be for a short period, for example half an hour. For a much longer period, for example a day. It then happens in a cage, cupboard, special prison space, etc.
Locked in a cage is different from powerlessness (I wrote about that on my website). Yet it is also named under the same English word. Claustrophilia might be a name for wanting to be reminded of the body through spatial constraints.

Being confronted with yourself without attention from someone else. This may cause you to experience different feelings (which, of course, is very personal, just like the reason why you desire to be locked up). Things like tension, fear, being at the mercy of, emotion, loss of control, humiliation, punishment, etc. In any case, a Mindplay in which you will think and feel all kinds of things.

In my experience there are different forms of imprisonment. Confinement in a cage, leaving someone to his or her fate. Another form of confinement is also when I tie you down and leave you alone.

Incarceration can also serve another “purpose”. Namely to let the submissive see/feel the power relationship very clearly. For example in a cage and in different ways. Talking to my slave through the cage, inflicting pain on my sub through the bars of the cage. Or just make it “nervous” which challenges a Mindplay and makes a form of pushing-off “playable”. Last but not least, it gives me a kick to see someone in a cage, at the mercy of my whims. And I also really enjoy playing with them when I have several in my space. Precisely the knowledge of looking and being looked at. Participation and exclusion. Humiliation and Excitement. Be part or not.
I'm going to try to express that below. Really locking you up, meaning leaving you to your (his/her) fate for X amount of time, is an exciting moment for me.
On the one hand, I am responsible and have to make sure that you are doing well. At the same time, it is a challenge to try to sense what is going on in your head and body while you are locked up.
Because only then can I choose a well-planned moment to step in again and see how my “victim” is doing.
On the other hand, I can use the confinement to focus on you mentally and even to some extent physically. I give you clear tasks to do, which means that you will only be let out of the cage after you have completed them properly.
Am I playing you with words and expectations that will await you after I let you out.
Or do I make you suffer during your captivity by, for example, only allowing you to be in a standing position.
My idea of confinement is when I can organize it completely myself during a session. For what duration I leave you alone, how often I leave you alone, and how I leave you alone (of course this will always be in a safe manner within your physical capabilities).

This gives me complete creative freedom as to why confinement is something I like. At the same time, this gives you the unexpected, of not knowing and being at the mercy of me and my whims.
And my idea is also, if I remain present during your confinement, to have a free hand in what I let happen to you.
This is processed and divided into multiple pieces throughout the session.

I focus on the options, here are some examples.

In a role play;
– where, for example, part or more confinement is incorporated into the session around an interrogation. Or as a punishment within the game's setting.
A resting point part:
-- be a “rest point” to break your session.
Within a Mindplay, Humiliation session:
– while you are in the cage, I will keep you busy with words, commands or physically.
The above examples are short-term parts during which a form of confinement takes place
Perhaps the most important thing, just because I feel like it.
Fact, does incarceration interest you, tell me. There is no fixed amount for this on the amounts page, but there is a small note regarding this.

Of course, much more is possible if you have a longer session duration.

© Domina, Mrs Jacqueline