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Cutting as an art form.

IMG 8150. Website 1 Engelse deel. Carving. Geplaatst 2023Working with a scalpel. (surgical blade that doctors use).
Also called carving, cutting.
Inflicting pain by cutting the skin of the submissive.

You could say a Discipline that I have discovered “newly”. I knew cutting and the attributes. The art and symbolism you can create with it is not (yet) possible.
This discipline can be done within different types of sessions. Consider, for example, a session with a masochist, Mindplay, etc.
I use a scalpel (knife) to cut. (razor-sharp knife which is available in different blade shapes, placed on a specially intended handle for use. I have opted for the complete version of handle and blade as they are individually packaged sterile.

And honestly, I think it's a challenge to do it for you and surprise you with a beautiful, unique design chosen and conceived by me. But right away the Domina also comes into play.
This means that you will not just get it easily from me, only a special moment in time, an occasion, a symbolism, is when I assert my mark.

So a party, a property, a special song, a challenge.

And thus actually a kind of slowly disappearing mark on your body. What you can be proud of because you have earned it and I want to give it to you. Visible for perhaps even a few weeks, cut into your body, placed down, carried with you.

Only to be left etched in your memory.

Then just this note to avoid confusion:

This is a completely different discipline than knifeplay. Because Anxiety, Mindplay, Power & Powerlessness are much more applicable here. And with this discipline, blood does not necessarily have to be released. If you want to know more about knifeplay, click on the word.




Cell popping, (a temporary mark)

Another Discipline that I had had on my wish list for a number of years to learn, which I have now finally succeeded in doing.

A challenge with which I hope to be able to spend a lot of time and which offers great and fun opportunities in the creative field.

Technically it is a "soldering iron" (that sounds very intense and you probably have such a large device in your head right now, but they are also available in a charming small shape. By briefly touching the skin with the hot tip to make the fluid in a skin cell boil to "pop" it open. You often hear this at the moment it happens. In fact, every time a fluid blister bursts you create a miniscule (temporary) burn mark. Okay, that's it for the clinical plastic explanation of what it is.

Now why I want to do it.

I have a lot of interest in symbolism and much of it can be found in my world. You come across this regularly, especially in books, fantasy stories and films. One of these is the famous Histoire 'd O. There is a lot of symbolism in that book/film. One of these is the brand mark she may receive.

In my world I want to apply that symbolism within the opportunities I am given, but that I also find responsible. This Discipline Cellpopping makes a very nice replacement for branding as given in the example above.

Letters, flowers, signs, just about anything can be done with this device and it ultimately provides a completely hygienic and temporary brand.

Hygienic because fire has such a high heating level that it kills everything that is bad, so bacteria have no chance, for example.

And temporarily because it is only done on the top layer of the skin, the skin repairs itself over time (somewhere between let's say a week and a few weeks). The duration depends on, among other things, where it is placed, what your specific skin structure is like and, most importantly, do you leave it alone while the healing process has started, or is it itchy and you cannot resist it, so you are constantly touching it. With the latter you could manage it in such a way that it is permanent and will not disappear again.

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline