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Is it part of a role play that we experience together? Will the Caning take place in a "normal" SM session between me, your Mistress and you as a sub, for example in a correction setting? Using with my cane can come up in a multitude of situations. I enjoy teasing, giving structure, or maybe as a Mindplay when you are all too "tight" to be tormented.

The Caning part that I want to discuss more specifically on this page is the subscription part that you can have with me, a stand-alone part. This gives a somewhat more detailed explanation.

And then there is you who is not submissive, usually has nothing to do with SM as such, but really only has everything to do with the psychological/medical part of Caning.
You, who just really likes it, without it being in a role-playing game or having to do with an s/D. Without “all the fuss”. Purely just for the outcome.

In that case, an entire session consists of this, that is what you also come for and is my mental approach. My approach to you is also very different before we start. And absolutely also during the Caning itself, which would be a different type of session.
You, who I teach, can of course adopt different lying and standing positions because the goal is focus on relaxation.

You don't come for a game, you don't come for the essence of being submissive, you are not that masochist par excellence who gets a kick out of suffering by feeling so much pain that you push boundaries.
For you, having undergone everything, it is a “necessity of life”. You need to feel in depth, to feel on your body. Caning is a helpful tool in this regard. Receiving pain is at most the means used to get mentally and physically where you would otherwise never be able to get.
The better and more relaxed your attitude is during receiving, the more it works in your favor. You need the tingling that arises, the warming and glowing of your curves, to reset your breathing. The pain you receive makes your head clear.
Well built.
This means that you are just as physically pain-free if you always suffer physical pain, perhaps even because of this you need less pain medication if the floating lasts a little longer.
Your muscles relax, your body relaxes, you can breathe again in ways you almost never can. The body's own drug substances are released and those quantities are “distributed” differently.

A session like this requires additional medical monitoring. Every fiber of your body, your muscles, your breathing, your lying position, everything is meticulously monitored by me. I'm talking to you, not at you, (those are two fundamentally different things), crucial here.
I care for you and take care of you. This is not possible with a clearly defined duration as a starting point, simply because the body cannot be programmed like a computer (do that for x amount of time and the outcome is like this).
This is hard work for me, to make your body work and “turn it on”. It is absolutely not an exact science, but my experience in what can arise as a starting point, and from my professional knowledge of how I work in it, from which this has proven to be possible.
A session like this has nothing to do with rituals or fixed language. It also has nothing to do with the outfit I wear/don't wear. It is not Fetish and has no SM related purpose.

You need this to be able to function in a different way with different outcomes than you normally would have.
More information about this can be found on the pricing page.

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