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BallBusting2023A discipline that can be classified as intense.
For me a game of utmost concentration, challenging, threatening, teasing and fire-breathing eyes.

Ballbusting, a fantasy for many, in which power plays an enormous role.
For me, ballbusting is much more than just a kick in the pubic area. Also, for me it has nothing to do with taking someone down as quickly as possible and showing that I am the stronger of the two of us.
For me it has nothing to do with just lunging, kicking up and hitting it as hard as you can.
For me it is not a battle that I engage in to be as mean as possible to you.
For me it is absolutely not something I do without batting an eyelid to make you feel that you are worthless.

What is it for me, you may now ask?
For me, Ballbusting is something that requires my utmost concentration, every fiber in my body is tense in a game of challenging, threatening, provoking, yielding, giving in and eroticism.
For me it is an endurance battle that I enter with you, with the aim that you can hold on as long as possible and thereby show me your strength, you discover this within yourself and give me your struggle.
For me it is a game of a lot of eye contact, talking to me without words, showing your courage to come back again and again and dare to receive again.
Am I lashing out with my foot every time? No absolutely not! I'm not going to make it that easy for you, I just bring out the doubt, the curiosity, the fear and your pride.
Sometimes I stand a little closer to you and sometimes I stand a little further away to let you come closer to me and offer yourself in that vulnerable place.
Am I detaining you? No, you prove much more to me if you are not bound, but make the choice to stay and fight this battle with me. A battle that we both want, from which we both gain so much and in which we are evenly matched.

Of course it gives me a powerful feeling and a powerful experience to be able to perform this discipline with you. Not because I make you feel as clearly as possible who is the “boss”.
You give me that Power, because you think I should have it, because you think I should have that experience, because you think I am worthy of receiving that power from you.
I give you the assurance that I will be “kind” to you and give you the opportunity to compete for as long as possible. Give you the opportunity to bring out everything within you, your fear, your doubt, your challenge, your feeling of humiliation, your pride and so much more.

So you can expect from me, perhaps even demand, that I look after you, cherish you and take care of you and that I don't want to just be done quickly, but go for the long haul. The battle we want to win against each other. And even though you know I will win our “fight”, you will not be a loser. But after having fought hard, you have gained a wonderful experience that you will remember for a long time, that has gotten the most out of you and at the same time has given you so much more.

Whether you are a masochist or want me to enjoy your submissiveness, give me your fighting spirit and that results in the strength you want to show me.

Just this for the record.
Of course, an entire session can consist of Ballbusting, or it can be a session part.
As you have read above, it will never be a gigantic feat quickly, but for me it is precisely the Mindplay, challenging, your fire-breathing eyes and your surrender that makes me want to do this.

© Domina, Mrs. Jacqueline