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Having your breath in my power (Breathcontrol),

 MG 6928 Engelse stuk op WW 1 BreathplayBreath control, take someone's breath and decide when I give it back, for how long you get it back and how long I take it away from you.

A part that gives me a huge kick to do, a huge sense of power. Also a part that actually belongs to the hard/heavy SM disciplines.
Breath control can be done in a lot of different ways. The simplest form is simply holding the other person's mouth and nose closed with my hand. The heaviest form is to close someone's mouth and nose by means of, for example, a fully closed hood (in the rubber scene you see this regularly in photos). And of course there are all kinds of possibilities between these two to do it to a greater or lesser extent.

In my opinion, this is definitely a session form that should certainly not be done by everyone, there can be considerable risks that must be estimated as accurately as possible in advance, but can never be completely ruled out. The one who takes your breath away must be very aware of this and signal every signal at the right time and act on it.
The person undergoing it must have complete trust in me and must have been completely honest with the questions asked about, among other things, experience, medical situation, traumas, fears, etc. In addition, the person must be aware of the risks that such a game can bring with them and are willing to take them in a well-considered manner.

I myself will never do the heaviest form (with rubberhood) of breath control, because I want to be involved with SM at all times in a safe way for myself, but certainly also for the person I have a session with. I will close completely if I can look into your eyes and follow your non-verbal communication (I have my options for this method of course).
In addition, I estimate per person in which form of breath control I do or do not do and what I want to achieve with it.
Closing your mouth and nose with my hand is a high level of eroticism for me to test you.
For example, using a latex cloth to close off your respiratory system, the next step is to clear the rest of your face, so that I have a good view of the neck, eyes, abdomen and the rest of the body. And I hold this latex with my hands against the mouth and nose, so that I can also pull it away again and thus clear everything. See what happens to you now if I can spot a slight fear in your eyes.
A hood, in which there are holes for breathing through the nose. I can then close these holes briefly with my fingers. Do you like a hood, the closed unrecognizable, the invisible being? You, who already give me an extra bit more control because I don't see you and you can't look back at me either.
There are a myriad of breath control options at my disposal and believe me if you dare, I will take you on an inimitable journey of tension, letting go, surrendering to me, Power and impotence and maybe I will release your deepest fears.

Breatplay pagina op WW 1 aan de engelse kant bij het stuk wat klaarstaatjpgEnjoy for me to be able to take you in this.

This has to do with various things, such as: does anyone have experience with this discipline, what type of session is someone looking for, what does someone say in the preliminary meeting and how is someone with me for the first time or do I know the person? very good, etc.

Also, a form of breath control, through facesitting, can give an extra Mighty dimension to the session you and I experience together.


In all these forms it is a fierce, very intense session that I experience with you;

have power – take – give – powerlessness,
to trust - to have - to give,
To be surrendered – to want to surrender,
Controlling – respecting – searching – pushing boundaries, Fear (death) – get – let go, closeness, eroticism,


An important note;
I often hear that strangulation sex is mentioned under the heading Breath Control. THAT'S ABSOLUTELY NOT THE SAME.
They are two completely different disciplines, each with different risks.
I will never practice strangulaition sex !!!!

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